W6CAW / W6SLW Radio Campo, CA

Grid Square DM12TP




Mountain Empire Amateur Radio Club KK6FBC


Craig's Ham Radio Projects Links

New Projects in work:

How Antennas Work Page

W6CAW Antenna Test Range
Testing OCF ( Windom) Antennas and Balun's

Vintage Radios

Our Shack and Base Antennas
Craig's Truck
Motorhome, fixed and mobile
Long wire antennas for portable operation
The Saga of the Balun
The RAM Computer Mount, almost fits!
Yaesu FT-991A Page
Flexadio Page
  Test Equipment
"Fixed" Mobile 160 Meter Whip

The Barn Radio Room
Campo Fire Emergency Operations Center
Special Projects and EMCOMM
Presentations and projects by Craig
Mountain Empire Amateur Radio Club
Ustream.tv live feed of W6CAW
Ham Radio Links shortcut

Great video on Ham Radio. Good for presentations to groups.

We are currently a members of the local San Diego SANDRA and ECRA radio clubs and normally monitor The SANDRA Otay Mountain Repeater, 146.640, - offset, 107.2pl. I am also the current President of the Mountain Empire Amateur Radio Club.

Since I built my first crystal set in seventh grade, wrong, and ended up picking up the control tower at Travis Air Base, instead of KGO in San Francisco, I have been bitten with the radio bug. In 1960 the US Air Force taught me how to fix Heavy Ground RADAR sets and today I am mostly retired from my last profession as an independent IT consultant.

With the new "no code" rules I updated to General Class in February 2007 and Extra in August of 2015. Sandi is a Technician Class HAM as of 2/27/07. After living with a geek, me, for 15 years she up and decided to go for her license. Sandi is also retired. Contact me at:

East San Diego County Disaster Preparedness

Current Amateur Radio Band Plan ( from the ARRL Website )

My Favorite HF Frequencies

Local San Diego East County Scannet Information

LINKS to Ham Radio and other Fun Stuff

San Diego Area Club Links
and National Organizations

San Diego Ham Radio Community

Ham Radio Opeartors Map
Find HAMS in your community

On-Line Ham Exams
Exams on-line during the Pandemic

San Diego Ham Radio Classes
San Diego Amateur Radio Council (SANDARC)
Conducts Amateur License tests every weekend
San Diego/Imperial Sections ARRL
CAL OES Communications Auxilary
Amateur Radio Emergency Service (ARES)
SD Auxiliary Communications Service (ACS/RACES)
San Diego Repeater Association (SANDRA)
San Diego DX Club
San Diego 6 Shooters
San Diego 900mHz Club
South Bay Amateur Radio Society
El Cajon Amateur Radio Club
Lakeside Amateur Radio Club
Saturday ARC Swap Meet
East County Repeater Association (ECRA)
PAPA System Repeaters
Southwestern REACT
Kaiser Ham Radio Network (KPARN)
Cactus Open Repeater Association
Palomar ARC
Ramona Outback ARS
Escondido ARS
Fallbrook ARC

San Diego County CERT Directory

Western Intertie Network (Win)
Idyllwild Radio Club
The Condor Connection
Edison Amateur Radio Network (EARN)

Disaster Amateur Radio Network (DARN)
Catalina Island Hams

Los Angeles County RACES
The Cochise Amateur Radio Association
Arlington VA RACES
qsl.net RACES Links
ARES NW Los Angles
International Amateur Radio Union

Frequency / Repeater Links
2 Meter Spectrum Management Association
220 MHz Spectrum Management Association
70 Cm and Above Spectrum Management
Nationwide Repeater Lookup
The Repeater Book
Southern California Repeaters List, by the JPL Ham Club
Southern California Repeater List by KD6KPC
Southern Nevada Repeater List
Arizona Repeater List
AE7Q Info Lookup Page
USA Repeater Data Base

HF Links
"The" DX Convention
SAMS, Camping HAMS
Air Force MARS
Maritime Mobile Service Net
VoIP SKYWARN and Hurricane Net
Western Public Service Net
Worldwide Antarctic Program (WAP)
Early Morning 7.155 Group

Moxon Antenna Project
G0KYA's Amateur Radio HF Blog
Lots of good propagation information
Broadcast Short Wave Station Finder

Technical Reference

Everything about RFI

Battery University
Everything about how batteries work
QST IN Depth from the ARRL

RF Transmission Line Loss Calc.
AC6V's Reference Guide
AD5X Projects and Hints
W8JI HF Projects
Ham Radio Mike Connections
Lightning Protection
ICS Forms
Raytown ARC Tech Net
Excellent technical presentations
RATPACK Video Presentations

Older Radios
WB4HFN, Drake, Collins,Kenwood Heathkit
Repair, how 2, manuals
Wk5R Vintage Radios PS circuit boards.
Vintage SSB Net Tinychat
Swan Net
Vintage Radio Info

CCDX Club wire Ant. Calculator
K0BJ Mobile Antenna Guru

All About Torroids & Chokes for Hams
The Antenna Elmer on QSL.net
W4RNL Antenna Reference
Near Vertical Incident Skywave (NVIS)
Antennas by N6LF
4nec2 Antenna Modeling Freeware
G4CQM 6M-70Cm Antennas & Software Design
An interesting HF, multi-band Magnetic Loop
I talked to the builder on 40M. Very surprising performance
Lots of antenna design stuff!
NEC2GO Antenna Modeling Software

QRZCQ Manuals
A66V's Manuals Links
NB7TBT Manuals
K0BJ Hints for Mobile Operators
Romania DMZ, Lots of Information
Radio Shack Catalogs from 1939
I worked for them from 1966 th 1976

Free ARRL Ham exam test site
Ham Test On Line
eHam On Line License Test
AA9PW Exam Page

Virginia RACES Reference Page
Garland TX RACES Reference Page
FCC Amateur License Page
FCC Universal Licensing system
ARRL Continuing Education
K7AGE Ham Videos
Antique Airwaves, Vintage Equipment
Free CAD BCB Software
WB6VUB links
AC6V's Ham San Diego Guide

Computers for Ham Radio
Raspberry Pi Foundation
Raspberry Pi for Ham Radio
More Raspberry Pi for Ham Radio
DX Zone Raspberry Pi
Windows 10 for Raspberry Pi

Digital Ham Radio
CHIRP Free Radio Programming Software
KC8UNJ FREE Radio Programming Software
G4HFQ FREE Radio Programming Software
Ham Radio Delux (HRD)
Radio control software
PSK Automatic Propagation Reporter

VA3ROM All Things Digital
AGWPE SoundcardPacket.org
Rowetel Open RF Software and Hardware
Radio Mobile Software
Plots RF patterns
Ham Digital Mode News
HFLINK. Digital over HF Radio
HF Link / PC-ALE Support Site
FDMDV Narrow Band Digital HF Voice
D Star / Analog Channel Spacing
An interesting report from the Utah VHF Society
DVMEGA digital decoder

WIMNOR/RMS - Winlink 2000 on a sound card!
AGW Express. Packet RMS for Soundcards
NBEMS Narrow band messaging system
Radio control & DX software
Codec 2
Open source digital voice software project
The MDSR Demodulation Project
Software Defined 455 IF Hardware Adapter
San Diego Packet Stations List
Slow Scan TV Handbook
Amateur TV on line magazine

Bandmaster Network
Monitor DMR world wide

Another Bandmaster Site
PAPA System DMR Files and Help
DMR Facebook Page
Guide to DM Radio
Santa Barbara ARC
Lots of DMR Links
Expermental TYT Firmware
Adds lots of features to the TYT 3XX Radios
DMR Track
Track DMR users and more DMR Tools
DMR in the United Kingdom

Find an ARPS by location
Google APRS Locator
Amateur Radio Balloon Tracker

Software Defined Radios (SDR)

Software Defined Radio News

Getting Started, Software Defined Radio
Using cheep USB tuners
SDRplay SDR Receivers
SDRPlay Spectrum analyzer Software
Software Defined Radio
Using cheep USB tuners
SoftRock low cost SDR
SDR / Upconvertor and parts for SDR
SDR-Radio.com, SDR Software
SDR Sharp (#) SDR Software
FUNcube USB Dongle SDR
DXPatrol SDR Receiver

Cross Country Wireless
Low cost British SDR receiver
RF Analyzer ( Google Store )
Android RTL dongle Spectrum Alalyzer Software
SATSAGEN Spectrum Analyzer Software
PDW Paging Decoder Software
Airlink Express Digital Software
Decoding Digital Pager traffic
KiwiSDR HF Receiver

Software Designed (SDR) Tranceivers
FlexRadio Systems
FlexRadio Systems User Group
KE9S Flex Radio Add-ons and turorials

FLEX 1500 - 5000 support
FLEX 3000-5000 Setup
Apache labs ANAN Tranceivers
ELAD SDR Tranceivers
HackRF open source SDR Tranceiver
Redpitaya, Stemlab, R&D tools
QRP Labs. Lots of kits & parts
APRS w/ Raspberry Pi and SDR Dongle
Expert Electronics
High end SDR RX and RX/TX systems

Solar Weather
solarham.com (extensive space weather)
Most extensive data I have seen.
World Ionospheric foF2 Map

Near Real Time F2 Layer Critical Frequencies
DIGISONDE Station List
Determine NVIS maximum useable frequencies
Overview of Digisonde theory and Equipment
Space Weather Indices

dx.qsl.net - Propagation & Space Weather Details
NOAA Space Weather Prediction Center
JPL ionospheric total electron content (TEC)
Space Weather (solarstorms.org)
Space Weather Woman
Dr. Tamitha Skov

Propagation Information Links
DX Maps
Real time QSO's plotted
International Beacon Project
Grid Square Locator
Repeater Coverage Predicator
Path Profiler. Point to Point in Google Map
Another path profiler
VOACAP.com (3-30 MHz) propagation predictions
VOACAP.com Graphical Predictions
Propaganition mapping point to point
HF Propagation Tutorial
DX Summit
Simon Brown Free Stuff
The origional author of Ham Radio Delux

Emergency Communications
San Diego East County Public Service
Scanner codes and public service frequencies
Gulf Coast Amateur Radio Emergency Net Frequencies
SHARES, US Government HF Network
California Amateur Radio Service Net
Communications Field Operations Guides (FOG)

Special Interest Links
San Diego East County Public Service
Craig's Citizen Radio and Scanner Page
Useful information for the Scanner listener,
FRS and MURS radio users
Shortwave Broadcast Finder
RadioReference Live Scanners San Diego

QRZ.net World Wide Callsign lookup
FCC Callsign and Frequency Lookup
U.S. Amateur Radio Callsign Lookup Page
FCC Spectrum Dashboard
USGS National Mapping Database
Find ANYWHERE in the U.S.A. , Maps, GPS Points !!
Find any mountain, anywhere

AA9PW FCC Amateur Radio Practice Pages
HA0A FCC Amateur Radio Practice Pages
Amateur Radio News line
Repeater Builder
Good source for radio manuals
Dayton Hamvention
HP Manuals & Publications
The International Amateur Radio Union

HFLINK Digital over HF Radio


San Diego Area
Ham Radio Outlet
Palomar Engineers
Willy's Electronics
AllDay Electronics, Ramona

Batteries America
Maha Batteries
W&W Manufacturing
The Battery Barn
Really good battery prices!

Antennas and Antenna Parts
Alternative Wireless
Cellular accessories and antennas
Cables, adaptors, antennas, & more
eBay connector vendor
Smiley Antennas
Real cool W/T Antennas
Laird (old Antenex) Antennas
Comtelco Antennas
The WireMan
Great antenna wire and parts
Davis RF, Wire and Cable
Great Portable J Pole 2M/70Cm
Spiderbeam USA
Wolf River Coils (HF)
W5SWL Connectors and more

BuxComm, a bad experience!

Max Gain Systems
Push up poles and other stuff
Fiberglass Push Up Masts, MGS
More Fiberglass Masts, The Mast Co.
I use their 32' in my RV go kit
Poles and Holders, RV Flagpoles

Stores and Parts and Kits and Cases
Radio-Ware, lots of stuff
Amateur, Scanner, Marine
R&L Electronics
Pacific Coast Parts
Ham City (Jun's Electronics)
RF Parts Company
Western Case Company
Main Trading Company
Great family owned business.
Fox Delta Kits
Great enclosures, polycase

Banggood kits and hobby
Ramsey Electronics Kits
The Heathkit Shop

Power Port
Carry cases and emergency equipment
Raine, Really Great Cases
Western Case Company

Far Circuits
PC Boards and Parts
Bomar Crystals
Bought by long term employees.

Gamber Johnson Mounting Systems
Pro-Fit Mobile Mounting systems
Price Industries
Havis Mobile Mounting Systems
Nifty (mini manuals and guides)
The Sign Man
Ham Radio patches and pins
Bolt Depot any bolt, nut ect.
Wired Communications
Lots of parts
Mechem Electronics
Lots of surplus equipment
Bulb Town. Lots of bulbs!

4LessDepot (Emergency Equpt.)
Design your Mag. Sign on Line
Design Your Name Tag on Line
Lot's of Ham hats and stuff
Life Gear emergency kits
go4supply.com printer supplies
Appliance replacement parts

Swap Nets
Wa6USL 80 Meter Swap Net

New technology and DIY
Ham Hijinks Magazine on line

American Radio History
Loads of archive radio publications
432 and Above EME Newsletters
Ham Radio Daily
CQ Magazine
73 Magazine
73 Magazine Arcive Project

Digital Library of Amateur Radio
& Communications

Ham NationFacebook
Amateur Logic TV. Internet TV Programming
Ham Radio Now Internet TV
Amateur Radio Newsline
Amateur Radio Round Table
Weekly Broadcast and Live Hamfests

Altop Ham News Portal

TX Factor (news from the UK)
Southgate ARC News
BBC Magazine from the 1920's
N6PET.com News and Reviews
All about Circuits News
eham.net - News - Want ads
QTH.com Free For Sale Ads

Related Links
GPS World Magazine
GPS Mapping software
The Air Defense Veterans Association

Solar Projects Stuff
Home Power Magazine
One Hams Solar Projects

Amateur Satellite & Microwave
AMSAT OSCAR Status and Report
AMSAT How to work Satellites
N2YO Satellite Tracking
Heavens Above. Satellite Tracking
Work Amateur Satellites

Test and Measurement
SDR-Kits GPS frequency standards
Time-Nuts FPS for Hams
Homemade GPS Receiver

Amateur Radio via Internet & Computers
Broadband Ham Net
VOIP Hurricane Net (ECHOLINK)
Internet Radio Linking Project (IRLP)
Stream audio over the internet

WEB SDR Receivers on the Internet
Web SDR Receiver Sedona, AZ.
Web SDR Receiver Lobitos Creek, CA
KPH at Point Reyes, CA
Northern Utah WebSDR's
Michigan USA
New Jersey USA
KiwiSDR Receivers Worldwide
Tons of Worldwide SDR Receivers!

More World Wide SDR Receivers
The Remote S Meter
Web controlled HF from Netherlands
Software Defined Radios over the Internet
Global Tuners. Many radios over the Internet
More Software Defined Radios over the Internet

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