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FRS and GMRS Radio

Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS)

The VHF / UHF "Dot" Frequencies

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FRS and GMRS Radio

FRS frequencies are interleaved with GMRS frequencies. GMRS radios are also authorized to transmit on FRS channels 1 to 7 with no more than 5 watts and using 5 Khz deviation. All FRS channels are simplex, with 3 Khz deviation, 500 milliwatts output, and fixed antennas only. GMRS has expanded capability in power and external antennas allowed. GMRS uses 467 Mhz frequencies as repeater input channels. NOTE: There are a large number of very inexpensive radios available with both FRS and GMRS frequencies in them so, if you are using a licensed GMRS radio do not be surprised if you receive interference from someone who did not bother to get their GMRS license.

Family Radio Service

Channel = Frequency


General Mobile Radio Service

Frequency - Description
01 = 462.5625
02 = 462.5875
03 = 462.6125
04 = 462.6375
05 = 462.6625
06 = 462.6875
07 = 462.7125
08 = 467.5625
09 = 467.5875
10 = 467.6125
11 = 467.6375
12 = 467.6625
13 = 467.6875
14 = 467.7125



462.6000 Repeater output
462.6750 Local repeater
462.7000 Local repeater
462.5625 Simplex low power
462.5875 Simplex low power
462.6125 Simplex low power
462.6375 Simplex low power
462.6625 Simplex low power
462.6875 Simplex low power
462.7125 Simplex low power
462.5500 Repeater output

467.5500 Repeater input
467.5750 Repeater input
467.6000 Repeater input
467.6250 Repeater input
467.6500 Repeater input
467.6750 Repeater input
467.7000 Repeater input
467.7250 Repeater input

8 = Channel # on Audiovox GMRS 1525
s = GMRS shared with FRS
## = Very active repeaters in San Diego
More information on GMRS at

FCC GMRS Page. Information and Licensing

JUNE 2010

About 11 years ago I wrote on this page that GRMS would be like CB radio after Audiovox released a FRS radio with GRMS frequencies on it. People sent me nasty emails complaining I was encouraging people to break the rules when all I was doing was predicting the future based on my past experience in the CB radio business, well, I TOLD YOU SO!......................

The FCC is proposing a massive rewrite of its Part 95 rules. These are the regulations that govern such public available two-way radio as the General Mobile Radio Service, the Family Radio Service, and 11-meter CB, to mention only a few.

WT Docket No. 10-119 was released on June 7th and is a catch all of proposed rules changes that would affect the General Mobile Radio Service the most. This, by ending its current licensing requirements and replacing these with what the FCC calls License by Rule. Thatís an FCC term that
kind of means
doing to GMRS what it essentially did on 11 meter CB a few decades ago.


As to the Family Radio Service, the FCC proposes to prohibit the authorization of radios that combine FRS with other safety-related services. In other words, an FRS radio would have to be a Family Radio Service only transceiver and it would become illegal to manufacture an FRS radio that could work with or in any service other than channels where FRS
is allocated to operate.

This would mean an end to a whole slew of transceivers that have multiple service capability especially those that cover both FRS and GMRS or some with FRS, GMRS and Marine channel capability.

Multi-Use Radio Service (MURS)

Update 2009. Looks like my guess years ago was in error. Doesn't seem to be much happening on MURS. I suppose everyone is relying on their Cell phone.

The hottest, most recent, controversial, addition to "Family / CB" Radio is MURS. Established at the end of 2000 MURS has taken channels from the 151 Mhz VHF business band and given them to "Family Radio".

MURS Channels

151.820 Mhz
151.880 Mhz
151.940 Mhz
154.570 Mhz
154.600 Mhz

Link to a good page listing Business Frequencies


The "Dot" Frequencies

The frequencies below are commonly called "dot" frequencies as 5 watt or less portables are sold with these frequencies named for the color of the dot on the radio. I can get no clear reading of what the rules are on these frequencies. Some of them are really MURS frequencies and some are labeled " incinerate ". If you really want to know I suggest a Google search.

These frequencies are found in radios sold to contractors, security companies, schools and anyone else looking for inexpensive portable radios. I haven't a clue on the license requirements as most people just buy them and start using them. Google "jobcom radio" and you will find lots of vendors.

151.625 Red Dot
154.570 Blue Dot
154.600 Green Dot
151.955 Purple Dot
464.550 Yellow Dot
464.500 Brown Dot
467.7625 J Dot
467.8125 KDot
467.8500 Silver Star
467.8750 Gold Star
467.9000 Red Star
467.9250 Blue Star

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