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How Antennas Work?

Boy is that a good question. In 1960 the U.S. Air Force tried to teach me how to repair heavy ground RADAR sets and I have been trying to learn ever since.

As you can see from my shack and antennas page I love to build antennas, especially the Off Center Fed (Windom). The problem is the more I read, the more antennas I build, the more confused I get. The result is this page where I will lump together the interesting antenna links I find on the internet. These will be perfect references for you if you HATE math or cannot do same like me. Questions or comments please email

W6CAW Antenna Test Range


All About circuits Calculators

everything! calculatoredge.com

Another Calculate everything

Frequency to various units, w/ velocity factor

Wire antenna calculator

Spreadsheet to calculate dipole antennas
More than 468/f. Allows you to calculate correct
wire length after testing your first try. I use it to
help build all my dipoles.

Antenna modeling programs

Ac6V antenna software links

EZNC, and if you know how to use this program please tell me!


Commercial antennas and more

Comet CHA-250B and more


Jim Brown K9YC grounding RFI and more

MIL-STD Grounding, Bonding, and Shielding for
communications facilities.
(.pdf file )

RF Ground Systems, problems and cures

Antenna theory


ARRL, how antennas work

ARRL, understanding SWR

QST, SWR Myths and Mysteries

Bird Tech. Effects of Cable Loss on VSWR

BBC White Paper, Dipole Antennas
Most readable article I have found on dipoles.

Article in IEEE Antennas and Propagation Magazine · February 2015
Near Vertical Incidence Skywave
Propagation: Elevation Angles and
Optimum Antenna Height for Horizontal
Dipole Antennas
The Coaxial Antenna

Practical antenna construction

HF Dipole design and construction

N4SPP, a crazy German who builds lots of stuff

Go fly a kite antenna

ON4AA hamwaves.com

Shortwave Receiving Antennas

70cm mixed mode helix

The Cobwebb Antenna and more

6 Band HF Center Loaded OCF Antenna ( and theory )

Loaded Dipole Antennas

G4CQM VHF and UHF Antenna Designs

49/1 balun for end fed antenna


Torrid information /specifications

The Torrid King, kits and parts

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