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Motorhome Radios and Antennas

Overall view of the motorhome with the 33' fiberglass push up pole from The Mast Company. The antenna is a home brew 80 Meter Carolina Windom. See here for further details on the Windom. The white base load is a marine CB. To the right of the pole is a 5/8 wave base load for the 2 Meter radio.

Current balm made from 6 clamp on torroids from the Wireman.The RG58 feed line is looped through the torroids 3 times. As I have stated in my other pages, my current balms are somewhat a guess from looking at many articles on the internet. You know they work when your tuner tunes properly. When they don't your tuner does a long mad hunt and never seems to settle end. Common mode current? ( Also see The Saga of the Balun )

Mast in a RV flagpole mount I got at the Del Mar Fair.

Motorhome dash. Top my Kenwood TS-130 and LDG 100 tuner. These are normally part of my HF go kit and are stored in a Pelican case. Powered by 2 power pole connectors in the dash which are hooked up to the RV battery. Below the Motorhome 2M IC-2100 and Motorola CB Radio.

Portable Yogi setup for 800 MHz Cell and 3G wireless connections. tripod is from MFJ. Antennas from Laird Technologies (Antennex)

Computer and Cell connected to the Antennex yagi antennas. Internet is through a wireless router fed with a Cellular 3G card.

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push up pole

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