Short Horizontal dipoles

One configuration Hams use for portable antennas is short, normally used as a mobile vertical, loaded dipoles end to end elevated horizontal. Pole mount adapters to screw the antennas into, with a SO239 connector, are available from many sources.

Here I have 2ea, 20 Meter RM-20 Hustler coils mounted on 4 of the almost 5 foot
surplus fiberglass masts we use in our Campo Fire / CERT Communications Trailer.

Click on graph for a larger version.

2 to 1 VSWR bandwidth is 144 kHz at 14.322 MHz, |Z|=32.5 Ohms, and 14.188, |Z|=88.5 Ohms.

Efficiency will naturally vary with antenna height and ground conductivity but that's another story.

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