MEARC Goes to Julian

September 2013 MEARC and the Campo Fire Auxiliary Communications Trailer goes to Julian for their
fire department fund raiser. Photo above is the Julian CERT Trailer, the Julian Red Cross based response
trailer with their radio go kits , our trailer, and Bob's (KJ6RET)
off the grid solar trailer.

This trip we put together a HF 20 Meter dipole out of 2 Hustler mobile antennas. Conditions were good and between
that and the Texas QSO Party there were lots of contacts to impress our visitors.

Red Cross HF Go Kit. wire antenna and tuner packed under the radio and TNC's. Box on the right is power.

Full setup for the show. Left to right, LE/OES 800, Fire 800, Ham 2 Meter, HF, coffee cup, laptop for WebEOC
and internet connected to a Verizon 3G WiFi access point.

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