MEARC Joins the October 19 2013 ARES Field Day

Mark tries out his Icom IC-756 in the Trailer
The Ipad is broadcasting real time on U Stream and. if you are really bored you can see there
3 hours of the event recorded.

The Duback Girls try out the VHF UHF Go-Kit setup
Kristy, Mom Tammy (really!), and Michelle

Nancy and Jon

Danny and Mark try out the VHF / UHF

ARES comes by all the way from town. Click here for the San Diego AREAS Yahoo Group

Danny just had to find a spot to mount an antenna

Greg and Brian brought the Red Cross Go-Kits down from Julian
Here Greg works on FLDIJI and PSK digital

Brian and Danny watch Greg bring in those contacts

Jon in front of the 8900 Red Cross Go-Kit

and me Craig also........

The list

Kristy KJ6OWQ
Tammy KJ6OWV
Michelle KJ6OWW
Nancy KJ6FRC
Marilu KJ6ONN
Danny KD6OKR
Brian KJ6OWX
Craig W6CAW

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