Computer and Technology Resources

IP Tracker
Find where things came from!

MAC Address lookup

Who is behind a Website and more
Another Domain Search (my ISP)
Network Solutions
IP Number Lookup (ARIN)
ZD Net Company Finder

Identity Theft Resource Center

Urban Legends

Gizmo Magazine

TV Fool, Locate HDTD Stations
HDTV Expert, How to and Reviews


Secunia Software Inspector
Check for security patches
System Information for Windows
Tells you everything about your PC
PC Pitstop
Driver Detective Driver Updates
Another Drivers Site
BV's Operating Systems Help
Windows Tweaks
PC HellBV's Operating Systems Help
Windows Tweaks
PC Hell

Publications and Help Tech. News
Windows Secrets Library

Windows Secrets (Tips)
PC Magazine
Infoworld Magazine
Toms Hardware Guide
ZD Net, Computer news
World of Windows

IPv6 Connection Test

Cheep VOIP Phone Service
NIST Time Services
Speedtest Internet Speed Test
Cable & DSL Modem Help
2wire connection speed test
DSL Reports Speed Test +
Internet Traffic Report
Web Reference
Web Attack Internet Resources
Opera Internet Browser
Mozilla, Firefox Internet Browser

Recycled Software
Low Cost Web Hosting
Free Web Hosting

Corel (Word Perfect)
Microsoft Home Page


 It's against the law to put a
computer or TV in the trash so:
Donate or Recycle it.

San Diego Futures Foundation
4283 El Cajon Blvd, Suite 140
San Diego, CA 92105

A.C.E.S San Diego
Donate your computer
California Metals and Electronics
El Cajon, CA
Recycle San Diego (will pickup)
Earth 911

Most major electronics retailers
offer recycling in theit stores.

MCT Computers

Hewlett Packard
AMI Bios
Phoenix / Award BIOS

 Workplace Improvements

OSHA (Big Brother)
Furniture - Bush

Lighting - Ott-Lite
Chairs - Herman Miller
Acoustics - Bose Headsets
Optical - Prio
Mouse Mattress

LibreOffice. Best Free Office clone Suite
Open Office, Free Office clone Suite

PortableApps. Take your apps with you
I Scribe email program

Public Domain music

Gizmos, best Freeware
Online Icon Convertor (make .icn files)
VLC Media Player
DosBox, run old DOS in XP
Free Computer Classes in SD
PcWin (Freeware Shareware)
Freebyte (Free Software)
HTML Goodies
Free Stuff!
Dubber's Computer Resources
Formswift Word to PDF Converter Free
Free PDF File Maker
Another Free PDF File Maker
Another free PDF File Maker
Picasa Free Photo Editing Software
Gimp Free Photo Editing software
IrfanView Multi-media Viewer

Real VNC, Remote Access
Skype, Free VOIP and Video over IP
HTTrack, Website Copier
Website Calendar



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