2010-2011 Station Remodel Project

The Kitchen

It was the kitchen, then it was the office, and now its the kitchen again! When the station was built in 1941 the kitchen was in the back of the house. In the 70's when San Diego County created the Volunteer Fire Departments Campo was given the front of the station and the living quarters in the rear were walled off as housing for County Public Works Employees. In 2005 the entire building was turned over to Campo Fire. In 2004 we had remodeled the old front kitchen. In 2005 when we took over the entire building we turned the old rear kitchen into an office.

Fast forward to today. The old rear kitchen is now the kitchen again and the front kitchen is becoming the new office.

As it was the office


Same cabinets refinished by the firefighters.
New counters, stove and table courtesy the community through funds raised by our


Sleeping quarters and Day Room

Ladies quarters

New recliners from the Auxiliary and new paint and carpet

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